Sunday, September 24, 2006

Notre Dame 40, Michigan State 37

Head, meet explode.

Taken seconds after the final gun sounded.

I am so cold and wet and probably have pneumonia and just got home at 5:30AM and I'm cold and freezing and wet but happy, so happy, oh so happy. What ridiculously idiotically stupidly heart-breakingly moronically crappy depressingly insanely phenomenally irritatingly outstanding and awesome and terrific game. Hallelujah, holy shit. Rack me.

Orson Swindle, per the official Calvinball rules of the blogsphere, I hereby dock you ten points and demand that you sing the "Very Sorry Song" for your ill-timed and premature comment. Hencewith, you must jump on one foot until you find the secret bonus box. If you do not comply with these demands within 48 hours, I will challenge you to shots from fifteen paces as a matter of principle and honor.

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